chocolART - Chocolate Festival 2019

Bier T ü b i n g e r C H O C O L A T E S T O U T BRAUTRADITION IN TÜBINGEN SEIT 25 JAHRE by Gerald Schwarz from Austria. Exclusively brewed for the chocol ART Sudpate: Hans-Peter Schwarz chocolART Germany’s largest Chocolate Experience in Tübingen’s charming city square From the 3 rd to the 8th of December 2019 the city of Tübingen once again turns into:„A city filled with chocolate – chocolART!“. The International Chocolate Festival in Tübingen invites all to indulge in the sweet creations of over 100 exclusive chocolatiers and chocolate ma- nufacturers fromall over the world, and to experience a unique chocolate odyssey in a magnificent historic town. At the ChocolART choco- late festival we showcase that Chocolate can come in all different shapes, si- zes, and flavours. We offer handmade chocolate slabs, chocolate figurines, choco- late cream, chocolate tools, chocolate drinks, chocolate beers, pralines, truffles, nou- gat, and even dragées.There is exotic chocolate as well as bio, fair trade, vegan and su- gar free chocoalte on stand. Fromwindow shopping in the city, to the white chocolate tents in the city square, themagical lightning all across the historical city square turns this experience into a fairytale adventure. The chocolART programme offers a variety of activities. Among these acti- vities are chocolate tasting, artsy cocoa art as well as chocolate art live acts. In the chocolateROOM at the Tü- bingen marketplace, Top-confec- tioners produce filigree chocolate art pieces live which are so fresh it is impossible not to eat! Another special live presentation will be made by Dortes Marzipan- Atelier: Pastry chef Dorte Schetter will be showing cocoa painting. Painting with chocolate, cocoa and oil is a traditional confectionary craftsmanship. As far as the eye can see there are loads of different activities for everyone to enjoy for instance the chocoKINO and chocoKULINARIUM with extrava- gant menus at different Tübingen restaurants. chocolART also hosts the long shopping Saturday, which prolongs your shopping fun until 10pm! chocolART is the sweetest experience for chocolate lovers from around the world! Tübinger SchokoBIER Friday, 6 December from 4 pm to 8 pm  chocoPFAD T, Holzmarkt, chocoINFO chocolART – Germany’s biggest chocolate festival You will find all information about the chocolate festival briefly summarized on the website.