chocolART - Chocolate Festival 2019

20 18 11 13 10 12 16 17 15 9 8 2 6 3 7 21 1 4 19 5 22 chocoMARKT of the Chocolate Festival Holzmarkt und Kirchgasse Marktplatz und Kornhausstraße What is a „NetteToilette” - nice toilet? Together with the restaurateurs Tübingen offers a special service for guests: Tübingen restaurateurs make their toilets available to the pu- blic. So regularly cleaned and well-equipped toilets are at your dispo- sal in the city centre. Partly they are equipped with diaper changing tables and handicapped accessible. The „Nette Toilette“ can be used free of charge during the indicated opening hours of the respective restaurants and institutions. For events in the city centre, the “Nette Toilette”-toilets are also open. At the tourist office Tübingen (tourist information at the Neckar-Bridge) you will receive the leaflet „Nette Toilette“ free of charge.Also pay attention to the sticker when you are strolling through the city. Note this sticker There you will always find a „NetteToilette“ in the centre ofTübingen. The “NetteToilette” and public toilets inTübingen „NetteToilette“ 1 2 public toilet Neckargasse,Neue Straße,Metzgergasse Hafengasse