GreenGate - erhältlich bei Hinterhof - Tel: 07071-551336

2 Situated in beautiful surroundings between the calm Øresund waters and the ancient royal hunting lodge, the white mansion serves as the second home to the people who work at GreenGate. Built in the early 20th century, the walls of the mansion have witnessed much over the last century and from the moment you step into the majestic hall and look towards the sea, you sense that this is not an office, but a home. t a a r b æ k l u n d From the windows of Taarbæklund we witness the shifting of the seasons and the ever-changing tapestry of colours outside. This serves as a constant inspiration to all of GreenGate’s employees. With the changing of the seasons there are also traditions, old and new, that we all look forward to and celebrate together. This is the GreenGate philosophy, cherishing the simple, everyday moments, making each day special.